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Change to Containers?

Late last year, we were approached by one of the large global SIs. Like most of our potential customers, they heard about us through their customers and OEMs. It was the start of a strong partnership with two back to back projects – both in the citizen financial services domain of Government of India.

Problem Statement

Our SI has a host of homegrown applications that it deploys at various customers. Apart from that, there are various legacy applications in the government-citizen interactions on the financial front. Those legacy applications had been running on VMs over the past so many years. With containers and the velocity advantage that they bring in, they decided to migrate the entire stack onto containers. Since they were doing it for a first time on such a large scale, they wished to have a player with experience in these areas.

Project Construct

This involved large scale changes, ideation and its implementation. Our teams worked in closed sync with the teams at the other end and through a process of discovery and discussions, we closed on the architect for deployment in the containerised set-up. Our teams are working on setting up the test, development, sandbox, DC and DR environments. Due to so many moving parts and varied teams involved, this has taken some time. But we have been able to create a sound, long lasting container platform for them.

Technology Stack

Red Hat Openshift

Red Hat MW suite

Prometheus and Grafana

ELK stack

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Shashwat Gupta
Shashwat Gupta
Oct 19, 2022


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