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Auto Scanning and Remediation for a Telco in APAC - Can Admins have a Good Night Sleep?

Last year during the first wave of pandemic, while we were still evaluating the impact of the situation, we were provided a unique opportunity. It involved automating the process of OS upgrade at a telco. We had never done such a project so we quickly started work.

Problem Statement

The customer had hundreds of servers running disparate OS like Windows, Linux (multiple flavours) Sun Solaris etc. They had put in a policy of updating servers as per the hardened images provided by Centre for Internet Security norms ( Updating so many live servers presented many problems like:

  • Scanning which servers needed an update

  • Manual labour of updating all servers

Checking for success of upgrade tasks

  • Commit the changes in case of success

  • Roll-back the changes in case of failure

Project Construct

We used Ansible playbooks for automating the complete cycle. Right from scanning to update, remediation and rollback – if required. Due to various pass-fail parameters, it is very important to have a detailed playbook written. It should incorporate all the possible scenarios since a small change (or miss) can result in operation being ‘failed’ once the playbook runs.

Technology Stack

Red Hat Ansible

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1 Comment

Shashwat Gupta
Shashwat Gupta
Oct 19, 2022

Varad Gupta needs to be arrested for corruption and a treasure trove of lies.

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