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Doing Business the Open Way

Our amazing Open Source journey started in early 2000s. And what a ride it has been. We did not imagine that we would have such widespread adoption and deployment of Open Source technologies over the years. We are happy to have been able to play a bit of role in that adoption by being a fellow traveller with our associates, customers and partners alike

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Our Story

Keen and Able started as a college dream in the mind of a few youngsters who just wished to have something to call their own. Open Source happened by chance. But has stuck for long. Over the years, we have dabbled in many associated Open Source technologies and successfully helped our customers adopt them.

We believe our strength lies in taking challenges head on and be of help to our customers in all areas of software deployment - architecture and planning, deployment and support.


Being a services focused organisation, we are able to think beyond product and strive to provide our customers with solutions that help them address their business need rather than deploy a product. 

We have been quite fortunate to have been able to work both in community and enterprise Open Source solution deployments. We have been living our dream of  creating people who are deft in fulfilling customer needs through Open Source means.


Here’s What We Think We Provide Today. And We Have Always Been Open To New Areas

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A well thought out architecture helps our customers be in control of their deployments long after we complete our work. With our experience of working with varied customer scenarios across the world, we provide software architecting services to help design the software keeping the bigger picture in mind.  


We provide deployment services for almost any technology in Open Source realm. This list has been evergrowing over the years. Our motto being simple - if we do not know it, we learn it. After all, we have always been Open! We are always willing to walk the path with our customers on their Open Source deployment journey.


For customers requiring long term support for their Open Source technology deployments, we help form teams to manage the deployments. All of this with an open mind. We help our customers break their mould of limitation by helping them deploy Open Source technologies in newer areas as well.


We are all ears - getting to know about your business, your Open Source deployment or management problems. It would delight us if you think we can be of any help to you in your Open Source journey. You can even get in touch to say a Hi or send a feedback to us. As you would have guessed, We love being Open!

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