Software Development Services — Tell Us What You Need

Custom software development is one area where the “Open Source advantage” really shines, because the source code is available for anyone with the know-how to tinker and enhance. And considering there are literally thousands of open source projects out there, a ground-work for your special requirement is already available somewhere.

This is where we unleash the power of a search engine to locate the right base on top of which we can add our bits to give it a form that meets your special requirements. At Keen & Able, we have extensive experience with programming languages like C, C++, Fortran, Python, Perl, PHP and JavaScript to give an already available base the right shape to fit your exact requirements.

In the past we have developed solutions like ticket management system, HR management solution, graphical LDAP management interface, etc, just because none of the off-the-shelf solutions had fit our clients’ needs. And because we build on top of Open Source, our time-to-market is much faster than anyone trying to develop a solution from scratch.

We look forward to hearing out your requirements to develop that custom solution that exactly fits you.