The idea of open source is to eliminate the access costs of the consumer and the creator by reducing the restrictions of copyright. Our greatest strength lies in understanding your organisation’s needs and building on the huge number of open-source solutions that cater to your specific environment. The delight in your eyes and the comments from end-users inspire us to work harder and achieve perfection.

We have worked extensively and adapted various open-source projects (apart from Linux, of course) to suit your needs:

  • Apache Web server
  • Apache Tomcat application server
  • JBoss application server
  • Postfix mail server
  • Sympa and Mailman mailing list management software
  • SpamAssassin anti-spam solution
  • Clam AV anti-virus solution
  • Squid caching proxy
  • Horde Application Framework
  • PHP for Web-based applications
  • MySQL databases
  • PostgreSQL databases
  • Syslog-NG central logging system
  • Nagios for server/network monitoring
  • Jabber messaging protocol

The list of our clients and solutions is endless. With open source around, all that you need to specify is your exact requirement. With your requirement, we identify the best suitable product and customise it to your needs.

With open-source you get the power. We assist you in the process.