Red Hat Offerings

Today Red Hat is the world’s most trusted provider of Linux and open source technology.

At Keen & Able, we have more than a decade long experience of deploying Red Hat-engineered operating systems and building our custom solution on top of that. We believe, unless the base is solid, no matter how good a solution is, it just won’t work as reliably as it’s supposed to. Red Hat gives us a solid base to build our solutions on top of.

Red Hat is one of the oldest commercial Linux operating systems vendors in the world. Due to their heavy investments on engineering and ability to meet the requirements of corporates — who demand a very stable and robust system that’s supported by the vendor for a number of years — Red Hat is the current market leader when it comes to production-ready Linux operating systems, be it for servers or desktops.

As an Red Hat Advanced Business Partner, we deploy the following three solutions: