SAP Monitoring Using Nagios

Client Profile

The client is one of the leading oil and gas exploration, development and production companies in India. They are also one of the largest gas trading companies in India. They have a wide IT setup with SAP implementation through which they analyse business data, prepare management report & get help to take business decision


Since SAP is their primary application through which they take business decision, their IT infrastructure must be monitored & measured for access into SAP.


There are total 57 devices & 137 services needs to be monitored in their IT set up.

The following devices/components need to be monitored:

  1. SAP Servers
  2. SAP Storage
  3. UPS (APC)
  4. Switches (Cisco)
  5. WAN and Point to Point Links
  6. Microsoft Exchange Mail Servers
  7. Mail Archival Server
  8. Domain Controllers
  9. Virtual IP of the Mail Server
  10. ISA Firewall
  11. MS SQL Database Server
  12. Mail Server Storage
  13. Efiling Server
  14. Primawera Server

Solution provided

Nagios is an IT infrastructure monitoring tool. A Nagios-based monitoring solution was implemented for their infrastructure monitoring. Nagios was deployed on two physical servers as an HA cluster.

This monitoring system is based on Nagios Core. Nagios can be used to monitor servers, switches, applications, hosts, services, links, network services, etc. It works by polling the devices being monitored after a specified interval. The various features of Nagios include:

  • Monitoring of host resources like CPU load, disk usage, etc.
  • Monitoring of remote systems using NRPE
  • Monitoring of probes like temperature, alarms, etc., using SNMP.
  • A simple plugin design that allows users to easily develop their own service checks depending on needs.
  • Alert notifications when service or host problems occur and get resolved.
  • Support for implementing redundant monitoring hosts.


Nagios Monitoring Architecture

Nagios Monitoring Architecture

Technology used

Nagios, an open source IT infrastructure monitoring and enterprise management tool


It helps to monitor, measure and track the availability of IT infrastructure and security parameter for access into SAP.

The following features is being monitored successfully:

  • Alerts for SAP Backup
  • Alerts for offline backup
  • Access using unauthorised T CODES (CCMS)
  • Filesystem usage alerts
  • Cluster(HACMP) Status
  • Monitoring of specific jobs
  • Runtime errors
  • User login from a different IP
  • Locked user-id alert