Messaging Solution for Statistical Research Institute

Client Profile

A unique institution that is primarily engaged in projects and consultancy around statistical quality control and operations research. Their offices are spread all over India and also in the US.


Configuration and deployment of the following critical servers:

  1. Messaging server with features such as: anti-virus/anti-spam, secure mail relay, Web mail, backups, etc.
  2. Web server
  3. DNS server (primary/secondary)


The mail server performance was a bottleneck and movement of mail was very slow. Their mail and Web servers were hosted on old OS install base, and the lack of drivers resulted in compatibility issues with latest bare-metals.

Solution Provided

  1. Installation and configuration of CentOS 6.x OS
  2. Installation and configuration of DNS, MTA, IMAP and Web mail servers
  3. Installation of Alpine
  4. User migrations


As per the client, the performance bottlenecks they were so accustomed to in the past is now a history. Besides mail, the DNS & Web servers have also been made lean and mean.