Clustered Virtualization to Facilitate Isolation

Client Profile

Client is a public benefit corporation based out of United Arab Emirates (UAE). It looks after the private sector interests, providing a sound investment and productive environment to reinforce the Emirate position as a focal strategic commercial centre. They also help business community, commercial and industrial family in conjunction with other departments and corporations to fulfil comprehensive economical and social development in the UAE.


Since the client manages a huge IT infrastructure, it has to be managed in a highly available mode, and also needs to be virtualized to cut costs and arrange multiple VM into five physical servers.

Solution provided

Provision a clustered Linux-based Virtualization solution.

Virtualized Architecture

Virtualized Architecture

As per the requirement, we proposed the VM service with server and manager components. The client had five physical servers, four of which act as VM servers, and one acts as the VM Manager. As per the above diagram, Server Pool A was configured with 12 virtual machines on three physical VM servers in clustered mode. Server Pool B was configured with two VMs on one physical VM server. The VM Manager communicates with VM servers on a management network. All storage was directly connected with VM servers.


Industry-leading open source virtualization solution.


The organisation is now able to access all the 14 VMs — 12 out of which are in HA mode with direct storage connectivity. With the help of VM manager the admins can now create, configure and manage the VM hosts as and when required.